Yes, it matters

I love when kids ask questions. “Why?” is rarely a bother to me … and it has been a true pleasure to hear my own kids ask some pretty important questions over the years.

Today, J. asked “Does your vote really matter?” I shared, with him, my version of the truth. In the back of my mind, I often ask many variations of this question … does voting matter? Is my voice heard? Does my concern effect anyone or anything? Is the world just too big for real things (that I think or do) to matter?

I get carried away with these questions, as you can see. My mind quickly grows into an existential, gnarled mess of overwhelmingness. I know I am not the only one who wishes to matter … to have an influence … to want to do good.

And who’s to say that my version of good is really all that helpful anyway. But here is the kicker for me. Why not do something, even if I am one, to contribute to good in the world. One smile? One act of kindness? One genuine hello? One act of participation in democracy? Whether it matters nationally, globally, politically, or in my community – my participation, your participation, our participation in life … in the lives of others … YES … it matters.

I am excited by many important discussions and challenges that are happening in our nation. The many voices sharing the many opinions is moving us from, what I have seen as, a complacent nation on our own land, to a growing potential for something more.

While I see the same old things I always saw – hate, intolerance, greed, pride, selfishness – today I see far less complacency.

We, the people, are moving. There is great movement … great potential for great things to happen … much needed changes in our community seem to be more than just a discussion, people seem to be taking action. Sometimes just one. Sometimes many.

Whatever the push for this kind of movement, I think it is important to remember that it matters. YOU matter. WE matter. ALL lives matter. In my mind, the worst thing anyone can do is nothing, and the best anyone can do is SOMEthing.

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