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This weekend we took our fourth family trip to Branson. Each trip has been a little different, and a little the same, and I’ve enjoyed the familiar and new moments as they come. This particular trip included extended family and was an extra special blessing to us. And as I stood in the moment of these blessings, I couldn’t help but to also reflect briefly on memories of old and wonder, when did all the moments happen that created the changes in us that brought us to today?

As I gazed upon the faces of my boys laughing, exploring, remembering, engaging – I could see their baby faces, the expressions of delight and exclamations of newfound treasures. As we played rounds of mini-golf, I could see the same old glimmer of frustration, yet new coping skills that had somehow developed over time. As the boys shared new moments with their sweet cousins, I could see a maturity, interest, and yearning for connection and relationship that has ebbed and flowed over the years, but became stronger with this trip.

I stand in awe, reminded that each day is a blessing because each and every moment offers an opportunity for new growth. Where does change happen? My answer today is: it happens while living in the moment, sharing in relationship and connection, giving our best while learning there is more to give … change happens in today, and today, and today, and today, and in the todays yet to come.

Be still, be patient, be open … because today holds a new opportunity for you to just be you.

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