What we think “really” matters

My youngest, after watching Mr. Magoriums Magic Emporium, said to me “where will the love go if you die or I die” and then lowered his head, with tears flowing. His innocent question as he manages the throws of existentialism got me thinking, as it often does, about the mysterious powers of our beliefs. We are not only what we eat … we are also what we think.

Here, Penny thinks she is a football player and is watching for the hike.

This is a great depiction of the actions that follow our thoughts. Of course, dogs don’t think in the same complexities we do, but simply put … we think, we do, we feel, we think, we do, we feel. What happens when our thoughts are faulty? Well, in Penny’s case, she runs the risk of getting tackled by a 10 year old boy 50 times her size. But her cuteness always wins the game.

We aren’t all that lucky … sometimes our wins take a lot more work, but we face similar “50 times our size” challenges, or bigger.
This brings me back to love, and what happens to it when we die. Of course I assured E. that our love surpasses all worlds, times, and dimensions. That we will be united in heaven, and not to worry. Honestly, though, I don’t think there will be that kind of love in heaven … the one on one kind of singular love for a spouse, or a child, or a parent, or a friend. I’m sure it will be much greater and much more powerful.

And what of the love here on earth. That singular kind of love, if we let it, could grow to something much more powerful and engaging and useful. One that does surpass units of measurement, time, and earthly dimension. Through compassion and grace and kindness … it could unite whole communities, states, and nations.

What we think really does matter … and what I set my mind on is love. I pray the actions will continue to follow. I pray that when I die, my gravestone will say “she loves” as though the love did not die with me. I pray I am not the only one who thinks and feels this way. Because it “really matters”.

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