Case Study: Scholfield Honda

Website Redesign for a Better UX.

Company: Scholfield Honda for RSM Marketing
Date: March 2020 – June 2020
Category: Website Design
Project Description: The goal of this redesign was to create a site that was completely mobile and tablet responsive. Formerly a slow-paced and non-responsive Ibex site, we moved the site over to WordPress and built it in Gatsby. This build started with updated website copy as well as a revamp of their site structure.

Concerns from Previous Site

Before being allowed to redesign the site, we had to explain the need for a redesign. Here are a few things we noticed that were causing some issues :

  • The website was not responsive for tablet or mobile users.
  • A 42% bounce rate on mobile was indicating that there could be a better user experience on mobile, since that’s where 60% of their visitors were coming from. (Desktop held 30% of visitors with a 24% bounce rate.)
  • Page speed was 3.12 seconds (a healthy range is 2-5).


Previous Bounce Rate

UX Design Goals


A better user experience.



Optimized for growing trends.


Because no one likes to wait.



Prepared for what’s next.

Previous Site

Step 1: Prototyping Navigation

One of the main areas of improvement was with the navigation. We wanted to ensure the nav menu offered an easier, more accurate search process. This would allow users to filter their vehicle search by various features, making the entire process more precise.

Step 2: Prototyping Site Design

Using Adobe XD, I built the initial proofs for the home page, about page, and several additional marketing pages so the developer could see precisely how the design should look when they begin the development phase.

Step 3: Implementing

In this step, we also identified Improvement areas and made edits as needed (a/b testing, heat maps, client-requested edits, etc.)

Note: although the site design was completed by myself, the majority of the development phase was completed by the developers at RSM since it involved a lot of backend work that was past my range of knowledge.

Additional Notes

  • They used to have Scholfield Honda, Scholfield Pre-Owned, and Scholfield Service & Parts as three separate sites. With this redesign, we centralized them into this one site. This created less confusion among customers (and less SEO dilution), since the users won’t have to jump around from site to site to find what they’re looking for.
  • Through updated copywriting, we were able to increase their SEO optimization. We were also able to create specific landing pages for events and promotions, diving traffic from social and OHT ads that we created.
  • We designed this with future functionality in mind. This includes a dynamic vehicle comparison matrix, online employment application and finance application forms, improved search features, multilingual options, texting and chat features, online purchasing, and online test drive scheduling.
  • The bounce rate on mobile has improved drastically with this redesign.