Case Study: Knolla’s Pizza 

Company: Knolla’s Pizza for RSM Marketing
Date: September 2020 – November 2020
Category: Website Design
Project Description: The goal of this redesign was to create a site that was more focused on online ordering. Formerly built on 360Wichita’s Ibex platform, we moved the site over to WordPress and ensured the new design was tablet and mobile-friendly. We kept the majority of the site copy the same, but updated a few areas for SEO purposes. The client wanted this much brighter and modern than their previous site was.

We chose to categorize this new site by location, since each Knolla’s branch is independently owned and operated, with each offering different dining options. With the individual location pages, we made it easy for the user to find the phone number, menu, address, and online ordering options. The RSM team was also able to further push the redesign with completely updated photography to utilize on the site.


Previous Site

Redesigned Site