Case Study: Vornado

A careers page designed with candidates in mind.

Company: Vornado Air
Date: In Progress
Category: Website Design
Project Description: A careers page should be an asset for a company to seek out talent. It should also be an asset for the job seeker to help them understand why they should want to work for that company. The current careers page on the Vornado website is lacking in depth and content, as it includes no more than a list of job openings with stock photography. By using real photos of Vornado’s headquarters and detailed sections throughout, the redesigned page better engages the who, what and why that will resonate more effectively with potential employees.

Careers Page Scrolling

Previous Design

Vornado Previous Careers Page

UX Design Goals

I began by doing some research and comparisons with other company career pages. With those as inspiration, I made a list of the sections that I wanted to include on the page before getting started on the wireframing. The list included the following:


To introduce the workplace including an anchor to the job openings.

Mission Statement

To inspire and explain Vornado’s purpose.

Employee Perks

To intrigue the user to keep scrolling.

DEI Statement

To describe the company’s commitment to inclusivity.

Employee Testimonials

To offer a personal touch and nurture trust.

Job Openings

To view and apply for available positions.



Careers Wireframe for Desktop


Careers Wireframe for Mobile


Careers Wireframe for Tablet

Final Design

Vornado Careers Page Mockup