Case Study: Bondy

Subscription Boxes for Remote Employees & Clients

Company: Bondy for RSM Marketing
Date: May/June 2020
Category: Logo Design
Project Description: Bondy is an online service that began with the rise of COVID-19 and the transition into a work from home movement that came along with the pandemic. They specialize in curated gift boxes that are delivered right to the doorsteps of the consumer’s teams and/or clients. Bondy came to RSM Marketing as a blank canvas. I had the opportunity work on their account from the beginning, which included creating logos, enforcing the finalized logo with a strong brand guide, designing their subscription box packaging, and assisting with the website design and build. Below, I will share with you the first phase we had in their brand identity process – their logo design!

Design Constraints

Without going into too much detail, these were a few of the constraints I had to work within:

  • The logo and branding should be professional, yet quirky.
  • We had no idea what this client’s goal was, other than the name and that they were subscription boxes (the products being placed inside the boxes were unknown).
  • The logo needed to be versatile and have the ability to adapt across a variety of applications, including packaging, patterns, website, print collateral, and more.

Logo Design Process

Step 1: The first step in this phase included the ideation of concepts (sketching, typeface exploration). Here you can see the quick, messy sketches from my initial brainstorming process.


Step 2: I used Adobe Illustrator to create the initial artwork in vector format. I also used this time for typeface exploration in order to discover which style I wanted to see with the brand marks I had created.


Step 3: Combining elements (creating options – emblems vs. horizontal/stacked variations – and narrowing them down to the best few)


Step 4: Incorporating the approved color palette with the approved logo.

The client was pushing for a red/orange/yellow color palette. Since that didn’t seem to fully reflect the “quirky” theme they were striving for, I was able to create a palette that would utilize their requested orange and yellow as accent colors, but softened it up with cooler hues as well.

Step 5: Simplifying logo and creating alternate variations so the client has the freedom to adapt their logo to fit into any atmosphere (horizontal and vertical variations, plus additional variations with the word mark and brand mark singled out).

Step 6: Implementing brand guide to showcase logo, color, and font usage.

Additional Notes

Once the logo design process was complete, I went on to work on designing the packaging for their subscription boxes, creating OHT and social ads, and assisting with the website build. I was also able to create box inserts to be added inside of each box, with a specific design to reflect the theme of each individual box (there are 22 boxes and counting!).

I’ve included some samples of those pieces below, so you can see how it’s all been tied together to strengthen their brand!