What is “love” really?

The word, love, all by itself can be so controversial … don’t you think?  So many ways to use it, so many ways to manipulate, and even depending on the language, so many ways to express it.  And we put … so … much … emphasis on it.  Rightly so, though, because doesn’t love make the world turn?

But I’m not writing to get in a philosophical debate about the what it means.  I really want to focus on what it does, what it is capable of doing, and why, in this day and age, it’s more important than ever.  (Sidenote, my husband finally got me to understand the correct usage of than and then, and bammmm … I think I’m rocking it ;-))

Okay, so this love thang … when utilized as a feeling, it can really mix things up, dontcha think?  “Love” as a feeling makes us crazy, high, low, devastated, desperate, nurturing, snuggly, jealous, angry … depending on the situation; but, LOVE AS AN ACTION is not so fickle.  In fact, it’s not fickle at all … it’s genuine, authentic, powerful, compassionate, kind, gracious, generous, more.  Need an example?

I met a boy my, almost, senior year in high school.  We were at a graduation party, we flirted, we conversed, nothing much more happened.  I developed feelings for him and he maybe did for me … one could say, maybe, that they were love-type feelings.  There was no real action in it, just loving feelings, probably based out of teenage raging hormonal, late night fog, confused brain complex, that led to absolutely nothing of substance except … whoa … I really loooov … like this boy.  Nothing happened.

I fell for many boys after that one, and some of them stimulated feelings of love.  By the way, I also love chocolate, cute animals, roses, and rainbows (feel free to send me any one of those things my address is … 123 Just Kidding Rd, Hville, Missouri).  Flash forward many years

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